MUBI Picks at Posteritati | Jeremy O. Harris

Playwright and producer Jeremy O. Harris stops by Posteritati in NYC to discuss how his wide-ranging cinematic influences, including Derek Jarman's Caravaggio, John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus, Bob Fosse's All That Jazz (and more!) have influenced his work.

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Starring alongside Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier shook up a nation torn by prejudice with his electric screen presence. Released only six months after anti-miscegenation laws were ruled unconstitutional in the US, this tale of love and acceptance is a vital Hollywood milestone.

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Simmering with intergenerational tension, Charles Burnett’s folkloric masterpiece weaves magical realism into familial dispute, revealing the hidden conflicts of Black middle-class life. Enigmatic yet menacing, Danny Glover is the ultimate devil’s advocate who wreaks havoc with his terrifying charm.

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Witnessing the evolution of Jesse and Céline’s relationship over two decades ranks among the most sublime cinematic experiences. This final instalment of Richard Linklater’s landmark “Before Trilogy” is an epic triumph of storytelling—a sun-kissed reunion at the intersection of love, time, and film.

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How can a movie shot on a mobile phone look as gorgeous as this intrepid portrait of female friendship? Filmmaking tricks aside, Sean Baker’s fifth feature gives voice to one of Los Angeles’ least explored subcultures while emerging as a tactful working-girl revenge hit. A major hit at Sundance!

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Scrappy low-budget filmmaking has a new kid on the block in actor, director, and writer Kit Zauhar. Zeroing in on an Asian-American student’s premature case of postgraduate drift, she brings an altogether different charm to independent cinema with her wry, plucky, and perceptive first film.

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In this seductively twisted, modern romantic thriller, obsession is taken to wondrous and vertiginous extremes. Without a doubt one of the most electrifying minds working in cinema today, Park Chan-wook won the Best Director award at Cannes for his sumptuous, Hitchcockian masterwork.

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Set in a sun-dappled retreat for women with nymphomania, this drama from the ever-dynamic Denis Côté was written with a sexologist but, distinctively, administers no decisive cure. Obsessions continue to ripple across the film’s waters, in a radical acceptance of how people live and find pleasure.

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Ahead of The Kingdom Exodus arriving exclusively on MUBI, we’re thrilled to present the first season of Lars von Trier’s cult TV phenomenon. Stunningly restored in never-before-seen versions, The Kingdom I is a wickedly funny supernatural mystery. Let the battle between good and evil commence!

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