• Hidden


    A little miracle of a short from Iranian master Jafar Panahi, this beautiful film finds echoes of his 2018 feature 3 Faces. A moving examination of performance and personal liberty in the face of religious oppression, Hidden is a tender and intimate mystery that builds to a piercing conclusion.

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  • Play It Safe

    Play It Safe

    Winner of a Grand Jury Prize at SXSW, Play It Safe is an ingeniously tense interrogation of unconscious racism in seemingly liberal spaces. Shot on 16mm, the film’s audacious finale stamps a visceral exclamation point on a remarkable calling card for director Mitch Kalisa and actor Jonathan Ajayi.

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  • Bungalow


    A young man goes AWOL in Bungalow — a film uniquely attuned to a slow-burning despair barely contained by its outwardly ordinary appearance. The hugely impressive first feature from Köhler — indicative of the low-key yet deeply existential filmmaking would become characteristic of the Berlin School.

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  • In My Room

    In My Room

    Recalibrating the end of the world as an apocalypse of identity, In My Room is a profound spin on “Robinson Crusoe” from Berlin School director Ulrich Köhler. With welcome appearances from both Pet Shops Boys and Clint Eastwood, this wry gem is an ingenious portrait of a bourgeois life in ruins.

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  • PVT Chat

    PVT Chat

    A satirical tale of obsession in the digital age, PVT Chat stars the electrifying Julia Fox—recently discovered in Uncut Gems—as an online dominatrix. Set in the cool but alienating world of New York’s art scene, this noirish sex comedy interrogates the uneasy boundaries between fantasy and reality.

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  • Trophy Wife

    Trophy Wife

    François Ozon dives into delightful satire with this pastiche of 70s bourgeois chauvinism which evolves into a burlesque comedy of female empowerment! With Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu playing attracted opposites, Potiche indulges in a hilarious camp portrait of class conflict mayhem.

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  • Panic


    An idiosyncratic critique of consumerism, this frenetic animated collage transports the familiar trope of monster mayhem to a prismatic alien civilization plastered with magazine cut-outs. Often shown during Star Wars screenings, this awe-striking short became widely beloved and popular in Hungary!

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  • Endless Night

    Endless Night

    Cinema often turns to the past for answers about the present, but no other film has captured Spain’s postwar malaise like Eloy Enciso’s stunning nocturne. Poignant memoirs, Bressonian acting, and jaw-dropping chiaroscuros make this study in fascism an entrancing journey into the depths of the night.

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  • Lucky Chan-sil

    Lucky Chan-sil

    A wonderful, loosely autobiographical debut from Hong Sang-soo’s former producer Kim Cho-hee, Lucky Chan-sil observes its titular protagonist’s listlessness with unwavering empathy, charm, and droll film industry humor. Extra support comes from none other than Minari Oscar-winner Youn Yuh-jung!

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  • Cosmos


    While not your typical anthology film, Cosmos does feature six stories from as many directors, woven together into an interconnecting whole. The most artful segment comes from an up-and-coming Denis Villeneuve, 25 years before he ventured into a less metaphorical cosmos with his adaptation of Dune.

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  • Séraphine


    In a time when artist biopics have become homogenized, Séraphine is a heart-warming portrait of an artist and her unlikely scale to fame. Showing rather than telling, this venturous drama stands as a sincere ode to the fragile, yet transformative power of self-expression.

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  • Fear X

    Fear X

    Nicolas Winding Refn’s American debut struggled to find its audience on release. Ripe for reappraisal, it lands somewhere between the nightmarish visions of David Lynch and the metaphysical mysteries of Memento. With an against-type lead in John Turturro, Fear X is rich with atmospheric foreboding.

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