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  • Possession



    Set in Berlin during the Cold War, Mark (Sam Neill) returns to his wife Anna (Isabelle Adjani) and their son Bob after some time away on an espionage mission. He find that she unexpectedly wants a divorce - she is seeing someone else, but there is also something else strange that she won't explain. Although he is upset and angry, Mark gives her custody of their son and their apartment. He drinks himself into oblivion for 3 weeks straight, and…

  • Knife+Heart



    Shoot this shit directly into my veins. An actual modern giallo, and not just a pastiche or homage. It's clearly influenced by directors like Argento, Martino, and even DePalma, but it isn't imitating their films in the same way that something like Amer is (nothing wrong with that - it's just a different thing). It's a gorgeous film, and the music (by M83) is stellar. Vanessa Paradis is really great in the lead role.

    Gialli were often super misogynistic, so…

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  • Parasite



    Just an absolutely stellar film that not only holds up to a second viewing, but I think I actually liked it even more this time.

    It's so metaphorical.

  • Rawhead Rex

    Rawhead Rex


    This was more fun than I was expecting! The look of the creature is questionable (especially those goofy eyes) but it does have a kind of low budget charm to it. Sometimes monster movies can kind of spin their wheels for a bit until we actually see the creature, but it shows up here very early and continues to wreak havoc for the whole film. Plus there is a scene where the monster pisses on a priest's face. Good times.

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