Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★★

It’s been quite some time now since I first watched Your Name. Of course I thought about it a lot and I’ve wanted to rewatch it even since I first watched it (about 2 year ago), because it blew me away. And on the second watch, it did the exact same thing. I noticed so many more things and the experience was even better and mind blowing on the second watch. I’ll probably keep this review fairly short because I’m going to rewatch it sometime soon and then I’ll have a complete grasp on the film. There’s so, so much to unpack in this film and there’s a lot of things going on in the film. It’s hard to pick one specific scene that stands out because the whole thing does. I mean, the animation is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. Ever. It’s simply breathtaking. Watching it on my TV it just looked glorious. I can’t say enough good things about the animation, it’s truly one of the most stunning pieces of animation ever. Anyway, like I said, there is a lot to this film and so much to talk about. First of all, it’s so unique. At first, the concept might seem basic to you but, oh, no, this is something special, I’ll tell you that much. It plays out so incredibly and it’s just wow.

I’m sure you know the story: a girl living in the country and a boy living in Tokyo for some reason start switching places. And it just goes wild from there. Both of the main characters, and all of the characters really, are amazing. They are likable and relatable and just very well designed. Okay, a bit off topic, but I see this and A Silent Voice being compared a lot because they came out really close to each other and they are both masterpieces, so I want to put them up against each other and have a debate. Obviously I like A Silent Voice more but! I still want to do it because I think it’d be fun. And I got reminded of that because both movies have wonderful characters. But back to the film. So this film escalates very fast in what happens in the story and whatnot. Without spoiling anything, this film is going to make you think. My brother, who just watched it the first time, had to take it in because how much there is to unpack in this film.

That’s something great about the film though, it just pushes through the story. Hitting you BAM! BAM! It’s great. There so many magical little sections, like the scene with the sake or the one where Taki looks out on the roof. Those scenes that make you go, “woah, okay.” Again, the animation helps that out a lot with the magic. Something I have to mention before I end this for now is how incredible the music is by the Radwimps. I listen to a good bit of Japanese music and The Radwimps are my kind of Japanese music. Sukima Switch and Bump of Chicken are pretty similar and those are 2 of my favorite Japanese bands. The music adds so much to it. If I had to point out movies to show someone how important music is in a film, this would definitely be one. And not only are the songs they sing amazing, the score is as well. But the songs are absolutely incredible. I mean, the movie starts off with a bang! We’re greeted to a sweet intro which is basically a theme song and “Dream Lantern” is the song that plays with it. You know you’re in for something already. Of course you have the super popular one, “Sparkle” and I really can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to that song since the first time I watched this film. It’s such a magical and beautiful songs and can totally bring tears to your eyes.

But yeah, the music is incredible. Ohhh, and that credits song is SO GOOD! Anyway, I can’t really find a flaw in this film and I will definitely be back to write more on this. This film is amazing and if you want just a breathtaking and beautiful experience, watch this movie. I mean, it’s probably top 20 for me, maybe higher. 
Take care, everyone!

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