The Fisher King ★★★½

★★★½ I really enjoyed it and this movie is more satisfying, better and catchier than movies with 3 stars. 

I added this movie to my watchlist because i am watching supporting actress/actor Oscar winners since 1990 nowadays. I can say Mercedes Ruehl's win is very well deserved as a supporting actress. I liked her performance.

The second reason why i added this movie to my watchlist is, Robin Williams' nomination. I admire him, he is one of the best and he is shining in this movie too. His funny scenes & painful scenes are always remarkable and he showed both of his sides in the movie. I am still very sad about his death. He is the man who was one of specials. 

I must say, i watched Jeff Bridges' Crazy Heart, True Grit & Hell or High Water in this year. So, -it is very stupid i know but - i was really shocked in the movie's beginning because he was so young lol.  I clearly didn't expect to see him as a 42 years old. Like, i was sure he born with long gray/white hair and his cowboy hat. His performance was good too.

I like the movie because of the visuals - lol, that's a lie. I liked because characters & their emotions are really well written. Dialogues are good and the king's story is a remarkable good story. I think this movie's best part is screenplay's this side and Robin Williams.