Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★★

“Faulkner is cauc-asian” - well, they got that wrong because you’re obviously white.

 Up until now I haven’t wrote a review on this site, but this film absolutely compelled me to say something. It just blew me away, and it must be seen.

Right from the off this film grabbed my attention with its great cinematography. It opens with a stunning shot of the New Zealand setting, and the wonderful landscapes continue throughout alongside some editing and lighting that was reminiscent of Wes Anderson at times. It is key to note that the soundtrack works brilliantly with these visual works.

In addition to this, the performances were perfect from the whole cast. Not one person let the film down. Julian Dennison (Ricky) at such a young age showed real talent, but Sam Neil (Hec) has done his best work in this film for me, playing his usual grumpy self - which is great nonetheless - he still managed to display a comical side. Although Rachel House (Paula) stole every scene she was in.

However, what makes this film five stars for me is the hilarious, dramatic, and heartwarming screenplay. I have not laughed so much and so hard at a film since I last watched a Waititi film (Thor: Ragnarok). The comedy may not be for everyone but it is exactly the type that has me losing control. On the other hand, this film had me in tears for how heartbreaking it was, and then again for how wonderful it became with the last scene being so sweet and warm.

Overall, it is a fantastic coming of age story with laughs throughout, and lots of screen time for dogs. I’ll be following Taika Waititi’s career very closely from now on because he seems to do no wrong.

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