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  • Hamilton



    uhhh i don't know i feel i'm a bit too late to the discussion, so instead of forming a coherent review lemme just write down a few thoughts:
    - i'm not touching on the racial controversies; i personally wouldn't cast a person of color as a glorified version of a real-life slave owner, but this has been discussed so many times by people with better understanding of the subject, i'll just leave it here.
    - the music itself is uhhh…

  • 25 Years of Innocence

    25 Years of Innocence


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    the scene where tomek comes home is powerful. kulesza and trojan prove repeteadly throughout the film they are really amazing actors, but it's this scene, where the entire family is somewhat celebrating his freedom, and he's just sitting there, quiet and scared, and quietly asks: "can i have the coke"? the look on kulesza's face, shocked, surprised, as he finally sees that a huge fragment of her son was left behind in the prison. i usually hate comparing real life…

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  • The Death & Life of John F. Donovan

    The Death & Life of John F. Donovan

    ok dolan you little bitch release the shit now. i don't care how bad it is, there are countless legions of gays & arthoes who will eat it up. i won't watch any films until john f donovan is fucking out.

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead


    Hooptober 2018 - #3 of #31

    Anniversary Films [#1 of #10]
    Decades [#2 of 6 - 1960s]
    Films Before 1970 [#1 of 6]
    Directors [#1 of 6 - Romero]

    God, I love Hooptober. I love it, because it motivates me to explore my favorite genre more and more. I love it, because I wanted to watch more Romero for AGES, but could never really start it. Now, here I am, contemplating an amazing, paranoid, psychedelic and shocking descent into cannibalistic madness I have just seen - in gorgeous no-color. Well played, well played.