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  • Antrum


    Uh, first of all, I have no idea why Litterboxd is so angry about this film? It doesn't entirely work but it's nowhere near as bad as the legions of one star reviews would lead you to believe...

    The main problem is that the film tries to place itself in two different worlds without ever fully committing to either:

    The titular film at the center is actually not that bad, and really actually interesting and well done on its own,…

  • Gutai


    materiality & a drone that inspires a sort of warmth

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  • Threshold



    It severely bugs me that the dominant form of film in 2016 is a mode of narrative film-making (& film criticism, & understanding of film, & viewing habits of film) that derives explicitly from the confines of late-capitalism. When viewers think that acting is the most important thing in a film, the producers can capitalize on that by creating a star system in which familiarity & hegemonic style is read as "objectively good" while unfamiliarity & variant style is read as "bad acting." Similarly,…

  • Portrait of Jason

    Portrait of Jason


    This is an extremely difficult film.

    Difficult primarily because what is seen on screen is a gay black man given enough alcohol to find himself wasted, who then gets yelled at by an off-screen white woman who also directed the movie.

    However, if it were really that simple then this wouldn't be a difficult film, it'd just be an offensive film, it'd be a bad film. This is not a bad film, this is not an offensive film, this is…