weightlessness, falling, tumbling, against or with gravity//
not quite dance, but perhaps related //

an important distinction is to be made in the sense that i'm interested in films that use the cinematic apparatus itself to highlight, play with, aggravate, or interrupt the movement in and of itself.


a work in progress for a larger project. non-narrative suggestions very very welcome! but i'm going to be fairly picky about what makes it on.


recent information lends the credence that i think there's a level of grotowski's physical exercises that overlaps and is important here, to be further explored.


some performances, often times labeled as 'dance' but closer to 'movement' than dance, which i'll add to as i things come up:

SKID by Damien Jalet
Anima Ardens by Thierry Smits/Compagnie THOR

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