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  • Maldoror
  • Les rendez-vous en forêt
  • Dehors-dedans
  • Hors-jeux
  • Maya

Esoteric Desire (Lost Movies Want List)

39 films

A list of (seemingly) unavailable movies I'd love to see. If you have any leads of where I can see…

  • Falling. Desert. Syn
  • Gradiva: Esquisse I
  • Chants
  • Gestuel
  • Corps aboli


27 films

weightlessness, falling, tumbling, against or with gravity// movement not quite dance, but perhaps related //

an important distinction is to…

  • Anno Passato
  • Aura of Uncertainty
  • Boulder Blues and Pearls and...
  • Breeder
  • Cemetery

windows 7

23 films

not on lb:

Tournis (Francois Vogel, 2006) Fubu Fuku (Richard Kennedy, 2020) Milking and Scratching (Naomi Uman, 19xx)

  • Helmut Berger, Actor
  • A Distant Echo
  • I'll Be Watching You
  • Still Light
  • Tremor - Es ist immer Krieg

Watch List (Can't Find Copies)

57 films

Not holy grails by any means, but just titles that I don't have more or less immediate access to. Aka…

  • Digging Up the Marrow
  • Shrooms
  • Mine Games
  • Dead Air
  • Ejecta

Movies I've Bailed On

23 films

I used to not be able to not finish a movie, but after becoming a movie-horder I've finally realized that…

  • I Never Left the White Room
  • Sanguivorous
  • Forgive Me
  • In the Woods
  • A Perfect Child of Satan

Into Darkness Forever: Tinged Genre Watchlist

51 films

adding some shit to this, 1-40 is original list, new additions are after // season two (lol) will be my…

  • Taris
  • Moon's Pool
  • Pools
  • Making a Splash
  • Thot-Fal'N


12 films

Experimental films that make major use of swimming pools. Recommendations welcome.

  • Dream of Samarra
  • Absürd
  • Eikon
  • Mountain Trip
  • Alfred

1-100: Durational Biography & The Expurgation of the Self in Quarantine

21 films

Watching films from 1 minute in length to 100 minutes in length, coupled with diary notes that may or…

  • 2020 Texas Gladiators
  • The African Deal
  • Alien 2: On Earth
  • Amore libero - Free Love
  • An Angel for Satan


105 films

I feel like my lifeblood has been cut off b/c i haven't been able to watch any delicious & juicy italo…

  • The Erasers
  • Deux chambres discrètes (à Alain Robbe-Grillet)
  • La Plage à distance
  • Le salamandre
  • Maldoror

Archival Esotika Rare Film Wish List

23 films

I'm in the annals of going through and editing old Esotika blog reviews for an upcoming publication and I came…

  • Le Désirable et le Sublime
  • Tu imagines Robinson
  • Julien
  • Roberte
  • Le secret de monsieur L

Subtitles Wish List

33 films

Movies I have but don't have subtitles for. Roughly ranked in order of desire. Some of these have notes.


  • The Big Swallow
  • The Human Fly
  • The Enchanted Spectacles
  • Onesime, Clockmaker
  • The Madness of Dr. Tube

Nicole Brenez's Cinemas D'Avant Garde (May 2020 Update)

191 films

Hat tip to Karthik's list, which both introduced the list to me and clued me in on the book itself.…