Murtadha Alzuhairi

Murtadha Alzuhairi

"..For me, art is the experience of what you've felt inside.."

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  • Parasite



    It plays like a brilliant con job comedy in the first half, before switching to total wacko mode at the end, with knives out and bloody. I liked the first half of this Jekyll and Hyde film a lot. The second half, not so much.

  • 1917



    If you're ever in the mood to watch a war film, there's an over-abundance of them throughout history. You can almost always find one that you haven't seen before. For this reason alone, I find myself being very cautious when one is about to get a wide release. With recent releases like Hacksaw Ridge or Dunkirk, my faith in the genre is always rejuvenated.

     Well, 1917 is yet another war film to come along and surprise me. For all the…

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  • Satantango



    Bela Tarr's Satantango is easily one of the greatest movies to come out of the nineties with bleak imagery shot in stark black and white, Satantango is an overwhelming barrage of allegorical substance enhanced by Bela Tarr's strangely effective style.

  • Oslo, August 31st

    Oslo, August 31st


    One of the greatest movies ever made, The film's visual minimalism provides the peace and serenity its troubled protagonist so desperately desires.