The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★

My first Kieslowski after watching the excellent Three Colors trilogy last year. The Double Life of Veronique feels very much like those films, especially Blue. The musical through line which I loved so much in Blue returns here and is just as prominent. The beautiful but unusual cinematography also reminded me of that film. Many shots in Veronique are similar to the shot of the sugar cube slowly turning brown in Blue, I really went for those abstract touches then and again here. I wish I had gone in a bit more blind for this, my knowledge of the plot having parallel stories with different women had me focusing on figuring out who was who at the start when of course the film doesn't actually cut between them but instead tells one story then the other. Once I was confident I had a grasp on what was happening structurally with the story I enjoyed it much more-it's mysterious and otherworldly with so much left unsaid and unexplored. I think a rewatch will end with me even higher on the film but for now Blue remains my favorite Kieslowski.

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