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  • The River

    The River

    really effortless in how it glides between idyll and funny and heartbreaking in a small corner of the indian countryside populated by rice paint, mythos, cobras and rope swings. what comes to mind for comparison is something like heart of darkness or apocalypse now, where prosopography and narrative fall to the wayside and all that is left is the elemental. the eponymous river barely features here. the camera occasionally pans to the river and a few scenes linger on the…

  • The Case of the Grinning Cat

    The Case of the Grinning Cat

    my copy of this isn't great and the english subtitles constantly shifted in and out of function but i found this to be a rlly spectacular watch!! maybe my favourite marker, at least my favourite techniques and motifs of his are employed at their strongest here. from what i could get w the shitty subtitles that i had, it's a relatively simple premise: a documentary on major political conflicts in early 2000s france, but marker manages to make this feel…

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  • Halloween



    "do you think the boogeyman is real?"

    behind its mask, its knife and its cold unfeeling eyes, michael myers is evil incarnate. to compare this to carpenter’s original wouldn’t do it justice. zombie manages to make a renowned classic about the horrors of suburbia into something far more sprawling and far more damning than anything carpenter would’ve imagined. instead of shorthand symbolism, zombie breaks michael down into a series of reflections and cultural anxieties. michael reflects the failures of social…

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    i know that almost every american film released in the past decade with even the slightest commentary on western politics has been called “the essential film for trump’s america” but unironically, considering the comments that fincher and flynn make on contemporary gender politics, the alarming growth of sensationalism in news media and the brutal reality of modern class disparity, gone girl feels more topical than ever before. i think i’ll go out on a limb here and call this fincher’s…