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"I just wanted somebody to share my dreams with"

Winner of 7 César awards including Best Film, Xavier Giannoli's lush adaptation of Balzac's masterpiece smolders with the sins and pleasures of 19th-century Paris. Led by a dazzling Benjamin Voisin, this lavish parable of literary fame and moral decay elegantly mirrors our own era of misinformation.

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A sweep of history and politics carries Lost Illusions through a pretty formulaic tale of one man's rise to prominence and fall—not from grace, to be sure. That sense of familiarity is to be expected, of course. This story, adapted by co-writer/director Xavier Giannoli and co-screenwriter Jacques Fieschi, comes from Honoré de Balzac novel of the same name, and even without any knowledge of the particular book, the basic thrust of the tale possesses a certain air of truth, even if the film's biographical leanings are supporting an entirely fictional character.

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Screened at MSP Film's The Main Cinema Friday, June 17th through Thursday, June 23rd

this cautionary tale about the dangers and temptations of being a critic in 1840s Paris really made me wish I could've been a critic in 1840s Paris.

Feels like it's missing some pieces of the story but it's also incredibly fluid and often inventive. And Cousins's passion comes through.

Cousins can be hard to take seriously, especially when he whispers gibberish about DEADPOOL "speeding queerness like chili flakes," and some of his associations are definite stretches, but at his not-infrequent best there's real inspiration and wistful sincerity in those leaps. It's belief, for better and worse.

Finally got to watch our movie with 200+ people in Baltimore where we shot it 🥲

The movie opens in 40 cities across the US today so hopefully if you’re reading this it will be somewhere near you, and if not, it comes to VOD next week ✌️

( Edit: ok now the movie is available to rent and buy online. Also streaming on Mubi. Also on blu-ray and DVD. Thanks for watching 📼 )