Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★

An overlong film that is strangely straight-forward for a Lynch film telling a relatively normal narrative that seems haphazardly slapped together filled with ridiculous incidents, bizarre contrivances, gratuitous sex-related scenes, exaggerated violence, and a constant air of over-the-topness that I could not get on board with at all.

This is a subversive and wild road movie that does feel like trademark Lynch, but it simply doesn't pop like his other features do. There's no delicious, disturbing mystery. No emotional involvement or filmic qualities to be wowed by. No sense of true style or narrative invention, and even though it's a remarkably simple and coherent film it's the most cheap, bafflingly ridiculous and most inanely excessive hodgepodge I've seen from Lynch yet—which includes Eraserhead.

That doesn't mean there isn't a lot to like here. Wild at Heart is quite the entertainer, a sort of romantic exploitation film that fuses elements from 1950's cinema—Elvis, rock and roll, cool cars—with a distinctly 90's look to give a truly original feel. I enjoyed most of the scenes but never felt immersed in the story. Lynch always fills his movies with interesting actors and this is no exception. Multiple people steal scenes and are never seen in the movie again. At times I was amazed by its humor and intensity and then at times I was at the edge to give up on this crap. That kind of conflicted reactions only Lynch can cause.

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