Black Swan ★★★★

If there’s Whiplash for men, there’s also Black Swan for women. In Whiplash, you’ll see a man beat the crap out of his drum, whereas in Black Swan you’ll witness a ballerina dancing close to the hellish fire of perfection. 

I see Nina constantly balancing on the verge of madness. I can feel her internal demons, and she didn’t need to force drill into her role for me to feel it’s there. Mila Kunis also gave a superb performance here.

This movie lingered in my mind after watching it. Aronofsky sure knows exactly how to invade a character’s kaleidoscopic bursts. I was never completely sure how much certain imageries were in her mind, and how much is manifested by her actual behavior.

Black Swan reminds us how much of a price we have to pay, how far of a greater risk we have to gamble in order to achieve the calamitous height of perfection.

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