Jaws ★★★★

I believe no one has reviewed Jaws from the shark’s viewpoint. 

~ Shark’s role was extremely exhausting involving high level of physical dexterity and fitness. 

~ Spielberg put shark into countless makeovers including mechanical adaptations in order to lure shark into the back of the boat. 

~ Shark had to act both in and out of the water. That’s gotta be tough.

~ Shark always has the same frightful smile, and remained covert when cruising the beaches and then “atrociously” aggressive when given the prompt and told “action!”

~ Shark performed splendidly along with his cast members except shark was NOT paid. 

Despite shark’s difficult and superb role, he needed to be killed for the climactic drama rather than let him get away with everything, and wag his fins off to cinematic splendor.

That’s one damn fine acting, shark!   ~ musicmoviesme

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