Tenet ★★★½

Not going to lie. I was confused 70% of the time. The dialogues were tedious to follow and difficult to hear, which makes me wonder if it’s our cinema’s sound system. If it’s not, then Nolan’s sound editor (or shitty sound mixing) needs to be fired, lol!

However, I found out that the sound mixer (Willie Burton) is an Oscar and BAFTA award winner. Perhaps in this case, it’s Nolan’s fault because he’s the one who has the final say. I love the score although it may have bombarded and overpowered the dialogues. It really elevates the tension beats to a max level. 

There’s one character I believe with all my heart here. Mark my word. It’s the scientist lady who talked about time inversion concept early on when she said, “ Don’t try to understand it, it’s just the way it is.” I totally believe her.

I hope your cognitive function will not undergo “inversion” by the time the movie wraps up.

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