The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

The knockout cast ensemble here performed like it’s their final examination day in their acting skill workshop and really gave out all their bravado. First act felt disjointed and not cohesive, jumping timelines frequently, and didn’t feel smooth. 

It feels like it aspires to be an introspective look at religion marred by violence and lust due to perhaps Campos’ self-absorption in the distorted religious and sexual ethics of the repressed mid-century era. 

I think Campos devoted too many scenes of displaying brutality as a method to exploit the viewers in order to garner sympathy for the characters. The plot relies heavily on the relentless ubiquity of evil that I became emotionally numb/desensitized towards the end, albeit I really enjoyed the great acting here. 

This film paints a grim picture that might leave you depressed and succumb to near complete feelings of hopeless chance for humanity. 

I struggled to become emotionally invested with any of the characters due to this. It just became darker and darker until there’s no more light left and the emotional payoff became muffled. I still recommend a watch for the great performance.

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