Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons ★★

(Short) Film #9 of my Cronenberg Compensation Challenge

Another made for TV short directed by Cronenberg. Directing was the only role he had in the making of Secret Weapons, and the direction is fine. Not remarkable, not revolutionary, but fine. It's everything else that really hurts this film. The production value is just terrible, all of the acting is flat and uninspired, and it's just dated to hell and back. The story is intriguing but really underdeveloped. The script tries to cram in a bunch of information but the lack of exploration in a lot of the story just makes it feel vapid and uninteresting. I was given no reason to care about any of the bland characters or the situation. I understand that they had to fit the whole story into a 30 minute time slot, but it would have been a lot stronger if they had tried to be a little simpler with it. So overall, Secret Weapons in interesting if you're studying Cronenberg's oeuvre, but other than that, I would pass on it.