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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    Wow.  Wow wow wow. This is a fucking mess. The only thing keeping me from a half star rating is (once again) the absolutely gorgeous cinematography. Like Nicolas Winding Refn does, this is a supremely beautiful film. But it doesn't even come somewhat close to the gravity of the story it's trying to tell. This is an absolute garbage film, from beginning to end. Edgy, pretentious, vapid: this has all the hallmarks of a Nicolas Winding Refn film. It's beautiful, but unless you have a high tolerance for insanely pretentious bullshit, avoid this like the plague. I seriously cannot give you better advice.

  • Computer Hearts

    Computer Hearts


    I'll withhold a full review until the final cut is released.

  • Time Being

    Time Being


    An experimental short film by Gunvor Nelson which in essence chronicles the filmmaker's last moments with her mother at her deathbed. It is done primarily in 3 shots from different distances of her mother's still body in her hospital bed, the only movement being her mother's chest rising and falling, and the motion of the camera as it transitions between shots. Shot in 16mm black and white, the lighting is beautiful, but this feels like a very personal moment that…

  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    Well it seems I was too hasty in my praise of Nicoloas "Wingdings" Refn after my viewing of Drive. In that review I said that he had taken a huge step forward in the right direction, but now he's gone and taken two even bigger steps back with Only God Forgives, or as I like to call it, Moody Stares 2: Bangkok Brooding. In a lot of ways, this film exasperated me more than Valhalla Rising, because although that film…

  • Devil



    Is this movie really as recent as 2010? I remember seeing it in theaters and liking it, and as I was rewatching it, I made the excuse for myself that I probably liked it because I was little. But if this came out in 2010, that means I was 17, and that is absolutely not young enough to justify liking this film. So I'm pretty disappointed in 17-year-old me. Devil is a cool concept with an incredibly sloppy execution.


  • Red Dawn

    Red Dawn


    What's this? A 1.5 star rating, but still a like? Did I misclick something? No, the reason I gave Red Dawn 1 1/2 stars is because technically it is an absolutely terrible movie. It's not believable, the dialogue is shitty, and most of the acting is sub-par at best. But the fact remains that I loved this movie, and mostly because of all the terrible things I listed above. When you boil it down, Red Dawn is hilarious plain and…