Lethal Weapon 3

Lethal Weapon 3 ★★★½

It's no wonder this is the least memorable film in this franchise (my memory of any events in this film have always been hazy). The villain is incredibly weak in comparison to the villains in the first two films. They make him a dangerous figure, but in terms of his scheming, he seems like such a bottom feeder of a villain in this franchise, and as such, brings out little heroics from the two leads.

It was nice to see the two leads become three with the addition of Rene Russo, and her character's introduction is the most notable element of this movie. Leo Getz becoming a real estate agent was a nice way to keep him around, but would have been nice to see him more involved in the plotting of the film.

Overall, even the action in this film was lacking. The opening sequence with the explosion was downright silly, with Riggs senselessly demolishing an entire building when he could have waited for the bomb squad. It's an elaborate and over the top device to get the two demoted, and have them standing on the sidewalk when the villain's henchmen just happen to carry out a robbery - convenient plotting.

This is still a solid action movie, but the mediocrity starts to set in with this third entry, diminishing the quality of the franchise, and epitomized in a finale where the location decided upon is simply a suburban cul-de-sac.

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