A Private War ★★★★

The intensity and brutality of the war scenes, and the way the movie highlights the suffering of the civilian population, is perhaps rooted in the fact that Matthew Heineman likely experienced a war first hand whilst filming his documentary City of Ghosts. It brings a sense of authenticity to the picture and he can bring his own experiences of warzone, and why he goes into war zone, to depict why Marie Colvin (a superb Pike) is drawn to the most violent combat zones.

The experience, knowledge and authenticity that Heineman has given to this picture is priceless but aspects of this film don’t always work. The editing and splicing of different locations and times feels overly fractured. The documentary style adds to the authentic feeling but its almost at odds with the stylised aspects of the film.

It’s a good film, with Pike completely absorbing her character, giving a not-so-rosey look at a brave and incredible, yet stubborn and difficult, woman.