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  • The Prodigy

    The Prodigy


    It ain't too different from The Omen really

  • Shaft



    I was watching this until i decided to watch the Cricket World Cup Final. Now that was something special.

  • A City of Sadness

    A City of Sadness


    The film’s setting is epic, but its focus is quite the opposite. The background of the story is the Chinese occupation of Taiwan, but the story forgoes direct depictions of major moments in the history of the occupation. Instead it keeps most of those dramatic moments off screen and focuses on how the war and these historical events impacted a family in Taiwan, with particular focus on four brothers, each have their own issues and woes they must deal with.…

  • The Core

    The Core


    Badly written and seriously dated. Some of the special effects are really, really bad.

  • Child's Play

    Child's Play


    Chucky gets modernised in this recent reboot. Instead of being a doll cursed by a serial killer, Chucky is a robotic doll whose computer hardware gets sabotaged with the safeguards protecting against an urge for violence removed. Quite why those safeguards could be removed almost on a whim is anyone’s guess (and why was his urge for violence even programmed in the first place?) but they were, and the product is dispatched.

    Apart from a more modern Chucky, the film…

  • Men in Black: International

    Men in Black: International


    A family of three encounter a strange alien like creature in the kitchen of their family home in Brooklyn. The Men in Black shortly arrive on the scene to Neuralyse the family, but little do they know that the little girl was not asleep as her parents had said. She remembers every detail and has even met the alien. She would spend the next 20 (circa) years trying to find that mysterious agency. Eventually she does, and they are so…

  • Booksmart



    I’ve never really liked high school movies, mostly because they never really reflected my experiences of high school. They were either too party fuelled or too traumatic. There’s seemed to be very little that reflected a story of someone who sort of ghosted through high school, neither revered or abused nor interested in the things that most teens are. The issue mostly lies in the fact it depicts an unrealistic life, suggesting that life should have been like that and…

  • Cold Pursuit

    Cold Pursuit


    Im not sure if this is about the vicious circle of death that comes from a desire for vengeance or a dark, black comedy that doesnt give a shit. Its good but also bad because if the former is true, it makes the critique of violence and masculinity a bit empty. Whatever the aim, i kinda enjoyed watching the carnage.

  • Diego Maradona

    Diego Maradona


    Diego Maradona marks the second time that director Asif Kapadia looks at a volatile South American sportsman who dominated the sport they dedicated their lives to. With football being a bigger sport, Maradona is perhaps a bigger name than Senna. His status as one of the best players in the sport’s history is felt in the city of Naples where he was seen as a king or perhaps even a god. He was an incredibly gifted footballer whose immense talent…

  • A Private War

    A Private War


    The intensity and brutality of the war scenes, and the way the movie highlights the suffering of the civilian population, is perhaps rooted in the fact that Matthew Heineman likely experienced a war first hand whilst filming his documentary City of Ghosts. It brings a sense of authenticity to the picture and he can bring his own experiences of warzone, and why he goes into war zone, to depict why Marie Colvin (a superb Pike) is drawn to the most…

  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    A mission to rescue a crippled space shuttle goes horribly wrong when Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) becomes infected by a cosmic force and becomes the most powerful mutant on Earth. Meanwhile, an alien race lands on Earth looking to use Jean’s newly found power to conquer the planet.

    For what is supposedly the final instalment of a series of films, Dark Phoenix is a very subdued affair. It doesn’t feel like a final film of series because the stakes aren’t…

  • Escape Room

    Escape Room


    I think some of you giving this film 0.5 - 1 stars don’t actually understand what a B movie is, especially in the modern sense.. One person actually said it’ll be a blast and yet still rated 1/10. It’s like he couldn’t bring himself to rate this movie positively even though he had fun with it. As a B movie it has no lofty ambitious regarding artistic value and it isn’t constricting itself to a serious, complex narrative and instead…