The Recorder Exam

The Recorder Exam ★★★★

Growing up, I never understood when adults would tell me: “Oh, you are way too young to know what love is!” I saw myself in the nine year-old, Eunhee. For every time you felt like you needed to prove yourself. For every time you sought out validation from your family, peers, and society. Because you wanted to belong. You loved and wanted to be loved back.

The notion of proving one-self, also works as a parallel to South Korea during this era. It was a time where Seoul hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics. Just like Eunhee, both had something to prove to themselves and to the rest of the world.

While it is easy to view this as a coming of age story in a dysfunctional family, there are encouraging moments such as finding friendship love. We also get moments where the parents recognise their daughter’s needs. However simple these actions are, they remind us that our parents do not love us any less, and that they also grapple with demons.

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