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  • Columbus



    Absolutely blown away by this film and the talent of Kogonada. Columbus is an unbelievably shot film. It is filled with shots and frames of mesmerizing buildings, and some wonderful dialogue that instantly grabbed my interest and attention to architecture. And though many would think that the film is too slow and boring, this was completely not the case for me. Haley Lu Richardson and John Cho give top notch performances, so raw and heartfelt. Do yourself a huge favor and watch this wonderful film.

  • Scarecrow



    Uninteresting, dull, and above all, forgettable. But I'll say this: 70s Al Pacino is fine as hell.

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  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    Abbas Kiarostami's Taste of Cherry is a beautiful work of art. Homayoun Ershadi is perfect as Mr. Badii, a middle-aged man who is fed up with life and decides to commit suicide. The film is just filled with powerful, sharp dialogue, and all credit goes to the great Kiarostami. Watch this ASAP!

  • Mommy



    After I Killed My Mother, this is my second Xavier Dolan film and I have to say that I loved this a lot more. I think the difference was that I really connected with the characters in this film, though both films have similar themes. Dolan really knows how to make a good, hard-hitting film.