Eternals ★★


Why Chloé Zhao? Just why. Martin Scorsese once told Lulu Wang - Director of The Farewell - on a Hollywood Reporter Roundtable when their films came out that year, when she was saying that Marvel approached her for a big-budget Superhero film and Scorsese flat out said "No". These highly talented and skilled directors sometimes aren't equipped to handle the varied and ambitious entries in an already massive universe. Case in point: Eternals. Zhao's craft does not resonate to this story whatsoever. It's an overlong slog with too many characters to juggle and not enough good performances to stand out. You can call Nomadland or The Rider a slog, but Zhao's adeptness works wonders for those films, as it makes those films feel specifically like her own. You can watch those films and clearly see Zhao's touch all over it. Eternals is not suited to her skillset and unfortunately it shows. It's a mess all around with a few interesting visuals spattered throughout.

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