Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Not even Spider-Man himself could exceed anything as epic as the film that preceded it. There was just no possible chance of anything coming close. As a Phase 3 ender, it certainly put a cap on a franchise that started 11 years ago. As a Spider-Man flick, unfortunately It felt a bit undercooked. I hope not to get me wrong, this is an exciting teen romance film wrapped in superhero sheen, and on that front it delivers most of what you ask for from the MCU. Tom Holland consistently proves he's the best iteration of the webslinger, and the action is about as fluid as we've seen before. The absolute worst reservation I have towards it is it's attempt at gallows humor. Far From Home is never as clever as it seems, which shocks me because I'm always getting a hoot out of the MCU. The humor occasionally left me feeling chuckled, but yes for the most part I found myself laughing through my teeth, forcefully.

Aside from finding these clear comedic moments not funny, I was generally more involved in the romance swirling around and the colorful, destruction filled set pieces. It's indeed well acted and for the most part well written, but this still holds no candle to Homecoming, which objectively is the better of the two films. No matter what, my ass will always find a seat for each of these movies, and Far From Home delivers what it says on the box.


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