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  • Woman in the Dunes
  • The Structure of Crystals
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  • Semen Demon

    Semen Demon


    Who is this semen demon, jizz genie, baby batter bringer, cum caresser, lovegoo lass, sperm summoner, ejaculate empress, mayonnaise maiden, jizz jockey, spunk monk, sperm worm, sodomy sentinel, penile perpetrator, erection confection, salami tsunami, boner condoner, fluid druid, urethral umpire, wang wizard, knackers knight, prick pirate, dong dominator, cock khan, stiffy sultan, sausage sergeant, middle leg major, pole privateer, shaft specialist, pecker prodigy, boner benefactor, baloney poney, dick juice masseuse, tallywhacker smacker, man muscle steam shovel, baby batter bladder, willy…

  • The Structure of Crystals

    The Structure of Crystals


    The proximate and the ultimate. Realms of causality in both science and life. If someone asks you what is your purpose in life, you may say that it is to provide for your family, or you may wax poetic about the human condition. How does one's position on this spectrum alter their outlook on life?

    For the majority of us, the minutia of everyday life consumes most of our time and thoughts. But for those with the talent or the…