Essential shomin-geki

Must-see films (in chronological order) from the shomin-geki genre, or shōshimin eiga, as it is known in Japan.

Tomorrow and Still Walking are regarded as modern examples of the genre that flourished in the 1930-60s.

  • I Graduated, But...
  • I Was Born, But...
  • The Dancing Girl of Izu
  • Apart From You
  • The Water Magician
  • Our Neighbor, Miss Yae
  • Street Without End
  • Burden of Life
  • The Downfall of Osen
  • Wife! Be Like a Rose!
  • Mr. Thank You
  • Woman in the Mist
  • Sisters of the Gion
  • The Only Son
  • What Did the Lady Forget?
  • Late Spring
  • Mother
  • Where Chimneys Are Seen
  • Tomorrow
  • Still Walking