The King's Man

The King's Man ★★

The Kings Man is a gentrified prequel that both was completely unnecessary and lacking in all that made the original accessible and fun.

This franchise is sold on being a classy, Bond-esque fused with punk rock and ecstatic fun and it delivered on not a single one of those fronts.

They took the spy format and turned it into an aristocratic incognito history war film with random radical jazz overtures that clashed with the overall tone of the film.

The villains were cliche and as one dimensional as a piece of cardboard.

The story itself wasn't even all that intriguing and the beginning of the film was lacking in context and failed to hold the dramatic effect required to fulfill the emotional beats in the movie.

Vaughn took a huge misstep on this one.

The Verdict:

The Kings Man effectively kills my excitement for any more projects in this franchise.

2/5 Needs Work 🤔🧐

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