• Evenfall



    History was made with years of not being startled while watching horror this managed to make me jump slightly

    If this was made as a tv-series i would definitely watch it

  • The Visit

    The Visit


    The ending was perfect didn't need to be longer, many films too often explain too much and lose all of the mystery in the process but this instead embraced the mystery

  • Samantha


    Dollar store H.P. Lovecraft

  • Haunt



    Not this time motherfucker

  • A Strange Calm

    A Strange Calm


    White kids are always the idiot ones

  • Out in the Woods

    Out in the Woods


    Pet Semataaaryyy

  • Mechanika



    Pretty pointless with no story though the special effects were done well

  • Dark Water

    Dark Water


    Not gonna pretend that I understood any of this but the special effects were cool and gross that made me feel pretty uncomfortable which hasn't happened that often

  • You'll Only Have Each Other

    You'll Only Have Each Other


    Acting was great but just wasn't feeling this beyond that

  • The History of Monsters

    The History of Monsters


    The game The Forest but without a plane crash and looking for your child

  • Condamned


    Ngl the beginning gave me huge RE4 vibes mainly because of the red robes and the Spanish talking

  • Familiar



    Big nothing burger