Eyes Wide Shut ★★★★★

This is undoubtedly Kubrick at his most deliberate. It has to be. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to juggle the sheer amount of themes he effortlessly works with on the film.

I'm not gonna list them all cause I'd be here all day, but what stood out to me the most to me on this rewatch is how political this film is, especially the anti-capitalist implications of the debauchery of the elite who believe themselves to be somehow above morality. And having two actors who so clearly belong to this group play the leads makes this 100 times more engaging.

Technically, this a masterclass of filmmaking. The hazy lights everywhere makes his almost Lynchian nightmare look absolutely beautiful. Every shot is immaculately framed. He even makes the film's biggest "flaws" work for it in a way very few people could. The often corny dialogue (particularly during the orgy) enhances the dream like surreality of Bill's journey and the slow pace amps up the incredibly intense sexual tension and frustration that drives him.

I don't like to throw around the M word but...

Eyes Wide Shut is Kubrick at his very best: mesmerizing, thought provoking, irreverent, visually outstanding and endlessly rewatchable.

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