A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★½

“Who are we 
if we can't protect them?”

this was so fucking good i was trembling throughout the last 30 minutes (also sobbing because of that one scene) and no i’m not just adoring this based on how much it scared and moved me because i’ve had four days to think it over and it is clearly a supreme piece of horror for me in every way. 

Krasinski and Blunt are ouststanding and they got the kids down too, been keeping an eye out for Millicent Simmonds since Wonderstruck and loved Noah Jupe in Wonder (coincidence that two wonderful actors were in movies with wonder in the title? i think not). the way they portray this family is heartbreaking and especially the former two relate feelings that only a parent ever experiences. John made this film for his family and you can see that all too well. 

but great acting aside, this film draws most of its suspense from the premise that it is QUIET af. barely any sound, you know there’s shit about to hit the fan any moment but until then you’re on the edge of your seat (and mind) because the suspense is terrifying. true, some jump scares are completely unnecessary but others are so surprisingly good?? like not a huge build up in music, just... silence and then the all too loud sound. they really cranked that up to emphasize how loud the slightest disturbance is in this world were noise can have you killed instantly. 

which brings us to the threat. dont want to elaborate on what it is because some of you are trying to stay away from any kind of spoilers so just let it be known that i was very afraid. A Quiet Place doesnt offer you much in terms of lore or story but rather lets you participate in a family’s struggle for survival. it’s the bonds that are formed between parents and their children, and the lengths they will go to protect them. despite being a quiet film (pun intended) it sports such a nice score from time to time that flows in naturally and doesnt interrupt the film’s suspenseful vibes. 

i still get chills just thinking about it and contrary to what i thought initially of it, i now think the ending is fucking awesome. left me sitting in my plushie chair as a wobbly pudding and most of the people around me too. John Krasinski has definitely moved into my god tier first time horror director ranks, can’t wait to see him do more stuff like this :’)

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