Audition ★★★★

”Words create lies.
Pain can be trusted.“

a full hour of intoxicating melodrama followed by psycho mind games and torture?? bro i had no idea what i was signing up for. as wild as it is, there’s a deep sense of tragedy running through it that i could barely shake after the end, lingering in foggy coils around my mind. like a gaping wound opening up farther with every softly-spoken phrase from Asami until her last word. the groundbreaking revenge fantasy it evokes during that last act would never hit as profoundly without the slow burning first half. many conflicting feelings were felt.

one of my film profs talked about this film in connection with affect theories of the abject and went “i can’t recommend it to you in good conscience but recommend it i will, so yes definitely watch it if you can take it” lol. Takashi Miike has over 100 films on his track record and if even a fraction of those are anything like Audition i definitely won’t run out of material soon. i think if you appreciate this one you might also like the Soska sisters’ American Mary very much and vice versa.

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