Dolemite Is My Name ★★★½

“You know what they say brother - luck is where opportunity meets preparation.“

bit of a riot this one! so energetic and good-natured, i felt like it sat me into a car with a bunch of loud people and invigorating music for a two hour trip and went by in half the time. a swift drive through the 70s, and a hopelessly determined and optimistic entertainer make Dolemite Is My Name into a wholesome fun venture. Eddie Murphy is at his a-game as Rudy Ray Moore. 

a very honest and finely directed biopic. unafraid to address its themes with that certain brashness one comes to appreciate as it simmers. straight up cried towards the end because i was so happy and touched over how lovingly this film conveys the message that there’s pictures for everyone. they may be bad for some but they mean the world to others. nice reminder for me too. doesn’t hurt to see the good in every flick you ultimately end up disliking.

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