Enola Holmes ★★★½

“If you want to stay in London, be tough... be tough! Live the life. But don't do it because you're looking for someone. Do it because you're looking for yourself.”

I probably use the word delightful a little too much for it to have the intended meaning here but the movie is, in fact, utterly and thoroughly delightful. where I expected something along the lines of a Nancy Drew dulled middlegrade audience appeal I got a revised play on the popular Victorian detective with his spunky, resourceful little sister. the kid stole my heart within minutes thanks to Millie Bobby Brown’s heartwarming portrayal. 

this is the wholesome historical revisionism I love, forefronting the role of women in patriarchal politics from an overindulgent angle but nonetheless one that highlights peripheries which are meant to form pre-suffragette movements and other feminine spaces neglected by literature such as Doyle. it’s the thought experiment of Judith Shakespeare brought to the screen as a bright-eyed, wholesome adventure in and around London.

the doubled mystery fuses personal development for Enola and more overarching issues in the unfamiliar country around her. although predictable I found it such a tightly paced affair with a nice dynamic style of its own that it stands out among other more generic netflix productions. not just delightful but smart and appreciative of its roots in a cheery manner to soulfully evoke the eccentricities so many of these stories carry with a twist. 

also need to mention Daniel Pemberton’s score here because he’s such an underrated artist who perfectly captures the curious minds of the characters he accompanies with his music through their happiest as well as most sad moments. judging by the abundant logs I’ve seen for this on here I guess they might’ve clocked enough watches to justify a sequel and I’ll gladly watch that. Enola Holmes delivers a sweet period coming-of-age narrative that I would’ve loved to have in my teens already. formative fluffy feminism :)

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