Fighting with My Family ★★★★

“You're not just doing this for you, Raya, are you? You're doing it for the family.”

might even bump up my rating upon rewatch, i liked this SO much. never got into wrestling but apparently my grandparents were big fans for a solid decade when they were younger haha. i ought to show this one to them at some point. 

the Knight family pretty much lives what the title says: they fight together and against each other, first as a tighkni(gh)t unit and later on almost broken to pieces. they’re quite the characters but so very joyful and i was immediately invested enough to feel every emotional gutpunch full force. Florence Pugh’s star keeps rising and shining and i can confirm that she does indeed carry this movie from start to finish. great supporting cast but she’s front and center with her raw talent. 

learn a lot about wrestling and how their drafting schedules work. shit is TOUGH. Stephen Merchant shows the strain of one member’s up-and-coming stardom on this family with a steady hand. that british humor’s coming through like a rammbock early on and i dig it. sometimes plays it quite safe with the usual catch points of any underdog biopic but gives a good sense of the working class and how sports and entertainment bring them together here. 

what i particularly loved was how well Saraya’s homesickness was portrayed in connection to her identity. she slowly loses all sense of self after leaving her people and home, completely alienated by her new surroundings and outcast because she’s herself. different. Fighting with My Family is a very moving and unfortunately rather overlooked film this year, so i urge you to give it a watch. if for nothing else, at least do it for our goth girlfriend Florence

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