Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★★

“Yeah, I mean, there's nothing more erotic than concealing your authentic selves!”

yeah okay Harper’s whole rich ass entitled family can get fucked for all I care (except Jane, Jane is innocent) but I think this is such a good portrayal of what the closet looks like for someone as privileged as her and in a more overarching move makes for a compelling, well-conceived conflict considering the film’s status as a mainstream xmas romcom with a lesbian!! couple!!

this is a very personal project for Clea DuVall and it carries that specificity in a lot of subtle moments that unfortunately get a bit lost in the melodramatic conundrum and the only moderately funny comedy. but I’m very impressed with how smoothly this ties the usual “sad gay” tropes into the romcom frame and actually turns them into such a satisfying exploration of the (queer) christmas experience, and all the issues arising from it. relationships can be messy af around the happiest season and people sometimes become unlikable under the pressures of putting up a performance. everybody’s story is different after all, right

the main couple being as flawed as they are during this crisis makes them all the more endearing to me and there’s something cathartic about the way the Aubrey Plaza (pls take my hand in marriage) ex gf character comes into play there. same goes for Dan Levy serving as the outside voice of comedic relief & wisdom, very cliché but so genuine and heartfelt I love him. Kristen Stewart shines bright like a diamond and the costume department really went all out to make her look RADIANT (and very gay). honestly the whole color palette for this movie is just on point while we’re at it, the festive vibes captured with homely contrasts and a glossy sheen. 

beautifully shot, lovely holiday atmosphere, some major feels and refreshingly bold enough not to sugarcoat the shortcomings of its main characters. I would like to order three more please, the serotonin (and representation) is much needed these days.

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