Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★½

“You know what, Malcolm, if you're gonna treat me like an insane person and call me fucking crazy, the least you could do is do it without casually eating macaroni and cheese. How does that work for you? What does that sound like in your fucking brain?”

take a shot every time Malcolm yells “Marie” and I guarantee you’ll pass out in time to store this in your dilapidated memory as an okay experience, rather than the grating mumbojumbo it turns into throughout the entire last hour as it fizzles out. didn’t like this at all and it’s such a telling display of Zendaya’s wasted talents in the industry without intentionally wanting to be so, same going for JDW. yet I think there’s something magnetic about its toxicity, the kind of wrecked relationship you cannot pull away from. definitely not because of the writing - infuriating monologues upon monologues - but the revealing performances from these two talents and the way they peel back layer after layer on this rotten onion of a relationship carries a magnetism in itself.

pity the script is so spitefully narcissistic it becomes almost unbearable because there are also parts in it that obviously harbor the right ideas and are just worded (in every sense of the word) with a painfully pretentious attitude that becomes repetitive so very very fast. also need to know if the mac n cheese thing was an It’s Always Sunny reference because this entire movie was like a feature length version of Mac and Dennis maniacally fighting in the suburbs (not funny tho). I’m extremely soft for both Assassination Nation and Euphoria by Sam Levinson but this one ain’t doing it for me chief. awkward silence.

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