Piercing ★★★½

“Can we eat first?”

may appear a bit all over the place and without clear direction but once you get used to the odd viewpoint of Reed it’s actually quite riveting. much like in Nicolas Pesce’s first feature The Eyes of my Mother, here too the characters struggle to free themselves from the cages of their revolting minds by latching onto another cracked spirit.

carries a gorgeous retro flair with the giallo structure and look but combines it with an intensely modern psychological component. the killer and the prostitute vs. the big city. love how the metropolis becomes a character of itself, one flat/hotel room pressed up against the other in a huge concrete jungle. and the ambiance with that lit (pun intended) interior design 😩 

also gotta point out the chilling sound design since there’s a whole scene without any actual violence or blood and i still stared in horror as my imagination did the rest while listening to splashes and sawing noises. Christopher Abbott is so fucking brilliant. the power play between his and Mia Wasikowska’s character is almost comical in its back-and-forth. a court(ing) game

i don’t know much about giallo movies (let alone have seen more than two) but from what i can gather this evokes the italian look in a tender hommage. reminds of American Psycho but in a way so much more romantic

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