Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

“Don't take it personally, they're just trying to figure out if you're a gold digging whore.”

fast-paced sarcastic action horror with a “fuck the rich” message is exactly my kinda shit. while we’re at it, the criminally overlooked Satanic Panic would make a splendid double feature with this. i was really looking forward to finally seeing this and it didn’t disappoint. promises rewatchability and iconic quotes en masse.

not a fan of the color grading and i kept adjusting my laptop’s brightness n shit cause i thought it was a technical problem 😂 you get used to it but i think the film’s visuals could’ve profited immensely from a less greenish-brown tint. it looks so sickly. still, such a good looking piece thanks to Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett’s dynamic direction and an intriguing, moody setting. who doesn’t dream of playing a good round of hide & seek in a big house every once in a while? 

they pick up on this notion only to flip it around into a thrilling hunting game with a dash of satanic worship and hereditary snobbery. love me when an old mansion is used to its fullest capacity with secret pathways and beautiful bedrooms, dumbwaiters and old weapons, like a live organism swallowing the inhabitants whole. add to that the living hell of trying to please disapproving in-laws and this is actually just an exaggerated take on family gatherings. 

dark-humored and maliciously gleeful to see its heroine Grace rise up against her sucky relative-to-be while taking one or the other battering herself in the process. doesn’t shy away from some content that’ll leave you very squeamish and lots of funky analogies between the gore and marriage/a wedding. pretty cool references to other comedy horror as well. never a dull moment in all its glorious 1.5h and an absolute banger of an ending. 

Samara Weaving kicks some serious ass and tops her wild performance from The Babysitter with a fierce yet emotional display of her abilities. great cast in general with Brody being another standout.

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