Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★

“This is no dream! This is really happening!”

Spooktober watch #21:
well that certainly was one satanic ritual. Polanski went ahead against all the conservatives and just like that made a film involving a cult and lots of “hail satan!”’s (he also went ahead to do other nasty things, i am aware). 

Mia Farrow gives a breathtaking performance, what a WOMAN! she carries this slowburner on her shoulders with such skill I could have watched her for two more hours. the slow pacing was also a bit of a hindrance for me personally because it took me relatively long to get into it. John Cassavetes changes right in front of your eyes throughout these two hours and i found him and the neighbors more than just a little terrifying. 

this film lives and breathes the uncanny, you aren’t actually shown many scary things (the “dream” sequences f.e.) but you know about them, you know there is something very very wrong. the apartment is just as offputing, she is caged in it together with her pain and fear. Fraker’s cinematography follows her into the madness and is offputting to say the least (kinda dirty and toegether with the lowkey gothic setting it worked well). certainly one of the eeriest films I’ve ever seen, my skin was crawling. poor Rosemary indeed.

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