Saw II

Saw II ★★★½

"Those who don't appreciate life do not deserve life."

liked it almost as much as the first one but it isn't as charming in its execution. you can clearly see that they got a much bigger budget here. Jigsaw himself has more spotlight and some of his motives are revealed which adds a lot to his character (Tobin Bell is really good). Matthews was one hella stupid cop and the players aren't the most intelligent group either but i liked them and they each had their traits. there's more cruel and gory scenes in this sequel as well and i thought it had a nice balance between that and the mystery/drama aspect. 

the grimy look is the same and Bouseman's past as a director of heavy metal music videos shows a lot (especially in the beginning and the editing in general). ALSo awesome twist once again!! despite being basically the same all over it at least tried to put something fresh on the table (and i do not mean meat) and succeeded in keeping me intrigued.

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