Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

“Everywhere I go, I see his face. I just really miss him.”

been a week since i saw Far From Home and to be quite honest, it’s a bit forgettable as it doesn’t stick out much in my memory. the 4 stars are wholly based on the overwhelmingly warm feeling it left me with deep down where Endgame had hurt me two months ago. shit proper left me catatonic eh. it wasn’t until i actually sat in this screening that i got really excited to see Spidey again. 

really fluffy movie with low stakes and a lot of teen angst and relatable coming-of-age content. well developed romance, fleshed out characters and great performances across the board. it’s not the blockbuster of the year but i had a damn soft time with me boi Peter Parker. i like how this deals with the traumatizing aftermath of the blip from a high schooler perspective even if some of the creative choices they made are way over the line for me. 

sound action and effects, reminding of Doctor Strange visuals but more gimmicky and tongue-in-cheek. if you haven’t seen it yet, do NOT look up anything about Mysterio online. makes him and the *cough* mystery surrounding him so much better. Jake Gyllenhaal is... a villain 👀 idk bout this one man, obviously he has his moments but a lot of exposition scenes lead to him going on and on and on in eye-roll monologues and cheap laughs. 

in my mind for a good time, not a long time then i guess? maybe a rewatch will stick with me more but it’s a more than solid adventure and balances its themes just fine. Tony Stark is felt and remembered in so many scenes, much like he looms over Peter’s thoughts at all times.

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