The Frighteners ★★★½

“Get back in the goddamn ground you unorganized grab-asstic gob of teleplasmic shit!”

doesn’t hold up in terms of special effects by any means but those are kinda what make it charming cause it looks so old school and cheesy. this film is as old as me!! it embodies literally everything i associate with Peter Jackson and the 90s (even though i don’t consider myself a kid of that time in that sense cause i don’t remember shit until from 2002 around onwards lol). 

it’s got a wonderful score by Danny Elfman that got me right off the bat in the mood for a spooky adventure. a gleeful dance of notes always in the background. Jackson’s direction is engaging and as we move through the whimsical story of Frank Bannister, Fairbrook’s local fraud working with actual ghosts, many memorable and especially funny characters show up. i love the silliness of it, there’s heart behind it, a love for the frightening and magical aspects in life. 

i probably would’ve been scared to death if i’d seen it as a kid but how would i have loved it after getting over that. it’s nostalgic and endearing with it’s setting in a cozy little town including cemetery, old creepy buildings, weird locals and mass murder backstories. didn’t even think about there being that twist and when it comes around to the reveal it’s actually quite clever. definitely a film that makes a great combo with Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat

gotta love small town mysteries with a touch of horror, bit of 90s magic, and the ever-charming Michael J Fox. he and Trini Alvarado are lovely, as are hilarious one liners from the three ghosts.

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