The Holiday

The Holiday ★★★★½

“You're supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for God's sake!”

i am now and forever a Nancy Meyers fan, i can’t believe it took me as long to watch this modern romance triumph and yes maybe the heteros do have rights

some of that writing got way too fucking real for me like being the best friend in your own life?? oUCH. “i think you love the idea of you and me, but not me” UHHMMM. Meyers spins two love stories that seem universally relatable even if they seem nothing like the love life you yourself have (or don’t have LOL). England half is a bit stronger than the other, mostly due to the incredibly gorgeous Cameron Diaz, loml Jude Law and their chemistry. 

not to say the american half was bad but it transmitted different values and was more focused on getting Kate Winslet to stop whining over her dumbass jerk of an ex-lover. nevertheless sweet though. film industry and music are cleverly intertwined with the two stories (the trailer voiceovers inbetween are hilarious) and i desperately NEED Amanda’s enormous dvd collection. the trailer voiceovers inbetween are hilarious. 

will definitely be rewatched every christmas because despite its overly long runtime i was glued to the screen and bawled my eyes out. it takes its time to set up the characters and their quirks, and also develop the relationships more naturally. oh yeah it’s cheesy and full of impossible coincidences but it’s the right amount of magic to work smoothly. add a couple classic christmas songs to top it off and you’re good to go. 

Meyers direction is so grounded around her characters but she still plays with it here and there and i’m for sure gonna watch more of hers. if it’s even remotely as fluffy and romantic as this one i’ll be in for a ride

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