Upgrade ★★★★

“See, you thought I was a cripple but you didn't know that I'm a ninja.”

Spooktober 2018: #27
far as i know they didnt even show this in cinemas here and i’m still real mad about it but hey my stream was top quality so at least i cant complain there. 

i’m surprised by how immersive the world building for this is. the futuristic look is easy to adjust to and similar to other recent sci-fi action pieces and the effects are great, love the design for the body mods on arms, eyes etc. i wasn’t sure about this partly being branded as a horror but it definitely introduces some body horror elements that qualify it for that so guess that’s cool. some gore elements are actually pretty harsh but it fits the action. 

just a very smooth film in general, takes time to attach the viewer to the everyman’s homie Grey Trace and when tragedy strikes you immediately root for him. Logan Marshall-Green is fantastic in this, he has to pull off a quadriplegic guy who doesn’t really have control over his body because it’s moved by the STEM AI. so he basically has to act out two different characters in one and he does it with a certain sarcasm and slyness that i really like. 

awesome retro style mixed with sci-fi, i like how they made Grey a more traditional figure against the backdrop of technological progress and how that comes in handy for him from time to time. nice cinematography with kickass night sequences (the car chase is awesome) and the playful lighting sets gorgeous contrasts especially in indoor settings like the bar bathroom (probs my fav combat scene). 

the camerawork feels fresh, imitating robotic movements including sounds, switching between calm establishing shots, ego-shooter perspectives, hasty handheld tracks and so on, and i love it. i’ll gladly forgive Leigh Whannell for the mediocre at best Insidious 3 because this is some gloriously well directed action right here with high rewatchability potential. can i have a gun implant in my arm too??

i think this is the kickass “symbiote” adventure i wanted Venom to be. a well-written story with just the right amount of snarky, dark humor/banter between the two beings, and an interesting villain. plus actual, legit driving forces and motivations for the characters lol. didn’t see that ending coming to be honest, thought i had figured it all out, and then they pull that on me.

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