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  • Snowpiercer



    At first,it just looks like a typical americanized film from a korean director,and that's exactly what it is:a story about the war between the poor and the rich,but this time it's told in a train that never stops due to over cooling.Throught the movie,we have some action scenes,ok perfomances,cliché messages and many questionable choices.It's all the way better from many recent action american movies,but still it feels dumb.Give it a try if you just want to watch an above average american action movie but that's about it.If you are a Bong fan,I would suggest you to skip this one and watch his korean films instead.

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    The fact that people complain about Tarantino's approach on this film makes me jump out of the window.The people who were annoyed about how similar the structure was on his last 3 movies,are the same who criticize this film of how different it was.I believe Tarantino made a wise choice to escape a little from his usual style and tried to experiment on his skills as a filmmaker.This is the maturest one of his films and I don't mean it…

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  • Midsommar



    Entering the cinema I was expecting a challenging and kind of weird film from the director of Hereditary and thats what I got.Although,this film is even more challenging and the cinematography is more improved than his previous one and goes for completely different things,the result is not as good as Hereditary.My main issue with this film its huge build up with no real big payoff in the end or at least it isnt something that we haven't seen before.Even though…