Nope ★★★★

not often that we get a movie that makes us feel differently or uneasy about everyday objects. i had this thought while walking out of the cinema complex and looking up, i'm not gonna act like this is an original thought because i've now seen it said in a couple of reviews — it does to the sky what jaws did for the ocean.

a fascinating concept 'horror' flick that doesn't rely on cheap shock value but instead on pinpoint paced tension building, suspenseful camerawork and spectacular scope. 
it feels designed like a crowd pleasing blockbuster, but then it throws in some really subvertive, introspective and thematically rich subtext that shows just how much credit jordan gives the general audience in their ability to understand when a scene is there to be more than what's on the surface and not to be taken at face value. but i think this could be the biggest drawback of NOPE at the same time; some scenes in the moment feel oddly placed. at times i'm unsure as to why we're here at this moment and what significance it's supposed to hold. thankfully by the end it all really comes together as a giant allegorical piece about the relationship between man and beast – the dichotomy of what we perceive a miracle to be. tragedy? spectacle? why do we desire to capture spectacle? why do audiences crave it? it leaves you with those questions, it trusts you with coming to your own conclusions. and if not, at the very least you have a banger entertaining movie.
hilarious, well acted, especially daniel, i loved his very reserved and introverted characteristics you really can tell he likes his horses and animals more than he likes people, beautifully shot, sound design; off the chain, tense, memorable and unique. everything you want from a summer movie to see in cinemas is all in NOPE my guys.

this is the modern day jaws having a baby with close encounters of the third kind. jordan peele is shaping up to be the next spielberg.

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